Library Staff Demonstrates for a Fair Contract

In the age of fake news, citizens need alternatives to the web to learn about national and world affairs.

In the age of mindless video games, people need alternatives to thumb-numbing play time.

One service addresses these and many more needs – our public libraries.

Yet in this day and age, vital public services are looked upon with disdain by many of those who control the purse strings.

Camden County has a vibrant and encompassing library system. It’s one of the things that I missed when I moved out of the county over a decade ago. But this highly-rated system does not pay its employees anything near what it takes to make it in New Jersey’s expensive economy. The county library staff has been working without a contact for over fifteen months.

Most of the staff is female, and the fact that women are typically paid less than men with similar education and skills just exacerbates this problem.

This morning, representatives from two of the unions representing Camden County’s library system demonstrated in front of my former library – the Vogelson branch in Voorhees. Here’s what they had to say:

More information about the topic can be found at this link.

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  1. Bill Orr

    America’s FREE pubic library system is a national treasure. While most new books now cost over $25.00 they are FREE at your local public library. If your library does not have a book you want it can get the book from a nearby library and have it available to you in couple of days. For very popular books you may have to wait longer.

    The staff performs a crucial job in helping you research something and in encouraging people to read. Libraries also need more funding.


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