The above yard sign appears on the front lawn of 12 homes on my block in Teaneck – a welcoming indication that many do not share Trump’s cynical appeal to hatred against immigrants. He most famously said of Mexican immigrants, “They’re bringing drugs, crime and are rapists.” Also, “I want a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States.” His Attorney General Jeff Sessions is carrying out this mandate with gusto.

Monday, May 1, is a national day of action – “A Day without Immigrants” / “Un Día Sin Inmigrantes.” In New Jersey immigrant rights organizations, unions, students, clergy, and activist groups will join the national strike to demonstrate that the country depends on the labor of immigrants and working people, regardless of race or immigration status. It is endorsed by a broad coalition of organizations who are using this event as a call for justice on all fronts: economic, environmental, social, ethnic and racial.

Immigrants are encouraged to skip a day of work and school on Monday to show their impact on the U.S. workforce and economy. Put it on your calendar. Everyone is encouraged to attend an event and stand up for those whose lives and services are being disparaged and threatened.

Here are two events on Monday:

New Jersey is home to a diverse population, with more than one in five residents being foreign-born, and half of those being naturalized U.S. citizens. The Garden State is also home to approximately 500,000 people who don’t have legal resident status. The forced removal of immigrants would cause New Jersey to lose $25.9 billion in annual economic activity.

The yard sign can be purchased here for $8.00. In smaller print its message is translated into Urdu, Korean, Hebrew, Arabic, and Spanish.

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  1. ken bank

    They tried this “day without immigrants” shtick a few weeks ago and it flopped. In my area only one restaurant closed their kitchen, and that was the Lighthouse Tavern which is owned by CD4 candidate for Congress Jim Keady. It had zero impact, and did nothing more than inspire a few chuckles among xenophobic bigots and Tea Party faithful.

    Don’t forget that many immigrants, the ones who came here legitimately, support the crackdown because they resent those who “cheated” the system and since it is not directed against them will have no impact on their status.

  2. Bill Orr (Post author)

    I expect the May 1 event will be more successful as it is receiving more planning and promotion. AG Jeff Sessions has instituted harsh procedures and plans more. The impact of people throughout the nation rallying to a cause, whether it’s ACA, environment or immigration, can be significant – even the impact of yard signs throughout a community.
    It’s true that there can be resentment from those who are documented, but these individuals tend to have family, relatives, and friends who are undocumented and under threat. And the threat is real as ICE is acting indiscriminately, capturing even those who have no criminal record, incarcerating more people, speeding up the deportation process, separating parents from children, and ignoring legal safeguards.


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