Giant Space Rock Doesn’t Destroy Us News Roundup for Thursday, April 19, 2017


Peanut-shaped asteroid. Passes 1.1 million miles (4.6 x distance to the moon) by. Take a look at this big boy.

Next one? 2027. Much bigger, much closer. Half-mile wide, zooming only one lunar distance away.

Sure you want to sit by and let the science scaredy-pants & the folks that don’t like facts eclipse good thinking?

Science is already political. So you might as well march. And the march could actually save lives.



  • The once mighty Christie, reduced to second banana at Cory Booker’s press conference to rage at the Trump budget which will further cripple NJ commuter traffic. But it’s Christie the protest signs are for, and his (stupid, stupid) killing of ARC Tunnel. Booker tried to shield Christie from the fray, which was organized by Analilia Mejia of Working Families. That’s her, with colleague Craig Garcia above. The expressions on both their faces is amazing. (photo via Insider NJ)

“And don’t you brag to me
That you never read a book
I never put my faith
In a con man and his crooks …”     Like a Boss. Bruce Springsteen bashes Trump in new protest song.

It’s a bad year to be Scott Garrett. His ex-colleagues urge Senate to reject his nomination.

Immigration safe zone at NJ’s courthouses. Chief Justice Rabner makes a request of Trump administration.

4 Rutgers alums lead no-shows as Patriots visit Trump White House. And then, there’s this.

This is bizarre even for Lakewood. SCHI overcharged Lakewood, others by $340G.


  • LoBiondo town hall finally happens – without LoBo. Cooper River Indivisible for the win. Snooze/lose, LoBo.


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  1. Thomas O'Neill

    The expressions of Ms.Mejia and Mr. Garcia may be amazing, but not as amazing as the spelling on their sign.

    1. Rosi Efthim (Post author)

      Huh? I don’t get it. That’s the correct spelling of ‘hypocrite.’ What am I missing here?


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