Weekend News Roundup for March 18-19, 2017

Hi, you guys. I’ve been gone a week, so thanks to my blogbrothers for keeping the home fires. This has basically been me for the last 9 days – Emergency room, painkillers and penicillin, torture, complications, more complications. I’m just getting back in, after not reading much the last few days. There’s a lot here, but let us know in the comments if you’re reading something you think we all should.



They only funds studies of local sea life, aid fishermen, help Jersey Shore towns manage their dune systems & lead ed programs for 20,000 school kids a year. So Trump wants to kill of this 40-year old Jersey shore program.

Hawking Ivanka’s jewelry line has its rewards. Kellyanne Conway’s husband is set to lead the civil division of the U.S. Justice Dept. That means he’ll be running the defense of the Trump White House in battles like his #MuslimBan.

NEA, that tiny fraction of the fed budget. Trump wants to cut arts funding. Here’s the list of who would lose in NJ.

A Trump voter you know needs to see this. Trump voter on Meals on Wheels surprised Trump wants to radically defund the program.

Ledger editorial: Trumpcare’s Rx: Unwanted babies and no health insurance.

How Trump budget would sock NJ seniors, disabled and poor.







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  1. ken bank

    So what’s happening with Ocean County Democrats? First we find out that no press was allowed at their convention, then 3 candidates for governor The Wiz, Bill Brennan and Jim Johnson did not show up with no explanation given. There are a lot of registered Dems in OC, the fifth most populous county in the state: http://www.app.com/story/news/politics/ocean-county/2017/03/17/ocean-county-democrats-no-media-our-convention/99310084/


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