Watch: Cory Booker calls for AG Jeff Sessions’ resignation

We have this video – captioned by Cory Booker’s office if you’re at work – of the senator taking to video to call for the resignation of Attorney General (with a statement below that). That demand goes farther than where a lot of members of Congress are on the issue of Sessions’ denial of contact with the Russian Ambassador. But remember it was Booker who testified against Sessions in his confirmation hearing, detailing Sessions’ history of showing “hostility” toward those pursuing equal rights. It was the first time in Senate history, a seated senator testified against a Senate colleague in a Cabinet-level confirmation hearing.

I’m skeptical of the idea that the Trump administration is being run by, or at least heavily influenced by, Russia. It just plays too neatly into the narrative that the election was stolen, that Hillary Clinton is the victim and not a complicit beneficiary of an unclean Democratic primary. I suspect the truth is considerably more complex. And I suspect that two things are possible at once; that Trump’s house is corrupted and that the Democrats are going to play it all to the hilt. Campaign 2016 has taught me not to trust either party’s surface statements without the grains of salt people who’ve been lied to by experts learn to apply. But I’m glad Sen. Booker’s calling for Sessions to stop prevaricating and go. NJ’s entire congressional delegation (minus Menendez) joins him on that, and I’m glad to see any investigation of this dishonorable, unprincipled administration if the investigation is independent and conducted with integrity.

Additional Statement from Sen. Booker: “It is profoundly disturbing that Attorney General Jeff Sessions had direct contact with Russia’s ambassador on multiple occasions last year even though he swore under oath during his Senate confirmation hearing that he ‘did not have communications with the Russians.’

“Given the lines of inquiry during his confirmation process, it’s clear that Mr. Sessions withheld critical information from the Senate Judiciary Committee. Mr. Sessions, a former prosecutor, someone who stressed again and again the importance of full disclosure in the confirmation process when he served in the Senate, and our nation’s top law enforcement officer, should know better than anyone the gravity of withholding relevant information while under oath.

“Mr. Sessions has irrevocably eroded confidence in his ability to continue serving as an impartial enforcer of America’s laws. For the good of the country, Jeff Sessions should resign as Attorney General.

“Moreover, there must be a thorough and independent investigation into Russian efforts to influence the election. There should be an independent investigation into Mr. Sessions’ actions as well.‎ Congressional Republicans must recognize this, fully exercise their oversight responsibilities, and demand an independent special counsel.”

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  1. Anita Young

    You have shown extraordinary courage in speaking out for he resignation of Jeff Sessions. Kudos to you!


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