This is for: Everybody in Leonard Lance’s Congressional District

This was sent to us from Dena Mottola Jaborska of New Jersey Citizen Action. It’s important. 

Dear ACA and Medicaid Supporters in Congressional District  7, 

Well the ACA repeal (and destroy) bill was made public a few dozen hours ago and it’s as bad as we thought. The House Republicans have plans to TRY pass their bill by the end of March.  (Information about the bill is attached.)

Your Congressman, Leonard Lance, sits on the House Energy and Commerce Committee which is planning to vote on the bill this coming week. All in all, the House Republicans are hoping to pass the bill by the end of March, although many are saying they don’t actually have the votes to do it. That is where we come in. Since January, New Jersey Citizen Action in concert with our members in CD 7 and our partners in the district have been urging the Congressman to oppose any repeal bill that would take health care away from so many, as this latest repeal bill, released last night, would do.

The conservative Tea Party is planning a counter attack to pressure the Republican Members of Congress to move a repeal bill quickly.

Please consider joining our actions this week and help us spread the word about them. ACA and Medicaid Defensive Actions for the Week of March 7th

(1) Call, call, call Lance’s Flemington and DC office and state your opposition to the bill just released and call on him to delay ANY vote on the repeal bill until the Congressional Budget Office releases the impact report and until he holds in-district public hearings (see attached for more, including numbers to call). Ask your friends and family to call too.  Attached are some talking points / questions (Ask Lance) you can use to call Congressman Lance this week, to demand that he refuse to a vote on the bill in the House Energy and Commerce Committee (on which he sits) until a full analysis is made public by the Congressional Budget office detailing the bill’s impact on the federal budget and the number of people who will lose coverage and subsidies under their plan. We are also asking the Congressman to hold public hearings on the bill throughout the District before he takes a single vote.

(2) Come to the Health Care Vigil / Protest TODAY (March 8th, and every Wednesday, same time and place) – this will be our biggest ever. Planned Parenthood activists will also be joining us. Join us 4:30-6:30 outside Republican Congressmen’s offices to push back against this terrible bill.  We gather roadside, 361 Rt 31 in Flemington, outside the Congressman’s office.

(3) Meet at outside the Flemington Farmer’s market on Saturday (10 am – 1 pm) – located at Main Street and Stangl Road. We will be gathering signatures on our petition to Congressman Lance to oppose the Republican repeal bill. We will also be collecting handwritten letters to Congressman Lance from those who will be affected by repeal and we will be handing our phone actions urging people to call him.

In Solidarity and Hope – see you this evening or Saturday!

Dena Mottola, New Jersey Citizen Action

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