Quote of the Day: Leonard Lance

Rep. Leonard Lance on MSNBC just now:

“I am a no because of the overwhelming wishes of my constituents.”


Lance went on to talk about the many calls, emails and visits he’s had about this healthcare legislation, from people who want to keep the ACA. He did not mention any contact from constituents who want Trumpcare or who want to see the ACA destroyed. This is the result of vigorous civic engagement. It works. #Resistanceworks

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  1. huntsu

    He also said that he would consider voting for it should the bill include medical malpractice reform (a conservative desire that would do nothing) and allow insurers to sell across state lines (essentially disallowing states from regulating the insurance industry).

    Neither are what his constituents want.

    1. Alan Hershey

      I am trying hard to find a video clip or a transcript of Lance’s comments on All In on March 24– and the MSNBC website is no help. Can anyone guide me?

  2. Rosi Efthim (Post author)

    There’s no question that all of this isn’t just Round One. What is interesting to me is Trump’s ultimatum of last night, that they either pass this thing Friday or he will move on.

    I guess the implied threat in that is that he thinks that would be some kind of punishment, to withdraw his own interest in this as a pushing force, and leave them hanging after more than 7 years of their reviling the ACA (which is 5 years longer than his entire political career).

    But I wonder if there aren’t plenty of Republican who would be ever so glad to have something that distances them from the chaotic and incompetent mess of this White House peeing all over itself every day.

  3. Rosi Efthim (Post author)

    Oh – and to Nathan’s point above – he’s right, and it’s one reason we can’t let up. Pressure.


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