One Year Ago: Birdie Sanders

I try to avoid screens as much as possible on the weekends, so I didn’t post this Friday night. But I confess I’ve watched it about 30 times since then. This is a shout-out to my fellow Bernie delegates and to Berniecrats everywhere. I’m still amazed at the pure joy of this campaign, and how easy it was to talk to people about what this presidential candidate was all about, because it was clear, and decent, and consistent. A year later and the Democratic nominee lost to a vulgar yam of a man, wholly unqualified who thinks he knows it all. But I also see the boundless optimism of Bernie’s campaign in the full-out commitment of the Resistance. I see our issues out front and Bernie people out front, alongside Hillary’s army of sisters and brothers who showed up in force for healthcare. And it makes me damn optimistic.

One year ago, this magic:

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