News Roundup & Open Thread for Friday, March 31, 2017

Hate wins. Then loses. Haddon Heights officials have a change of heart.

A Tangled Web. Something is rotten in the Ocean County GOP.

When is a Freeholder not a Freeholder? Salem County Democrats want the NJ Supreme Court to decide.

Want to buy a college? Rider University may have what you’re looking for.

Score One for Freedom of the Press: Judge rules against Christie’s AG in prior restraint case at The Trentonian.

NIMBY: Residents oppose methadone clinic in their neighborhood.

Waiting for Our Current Governor to Leave Office

“Budgeting around reckless tax breaks for the wealthy hasn’t worked” – Congresswoman Bonnie Watson Coleman pulls no punches in this op-ed about our governor.

Bridgegate verdicts: Judge condemns Christie culture. Christie’s spokesperson rejects this truth.

Who was minding the store this past Wednesday? Not Chris. Not Kim. Not Steve

If you’re on your cell phone and driving while reading this, put your cell phone away.

Jimmy Margulies nails it, as usual:

Looking for our Next Governor

Hunter Campbell of Princeton: Why John Wisniewski and the NJ Gubernatorial Race Matter.

The gloves are off in the Democratic Primary: Candidate Jim Johnson accuses frontrunner Phil Murphy of campaign finance law shenanigans.

Our next Lieutenant Governor? Dana Redd will not run for re-election as mayor of Camden. Will she be Phil Murphy’s LG and GN3’s person in the State House?

Beyond Bridgegate: Can John Wisniewski overcome Phil Murphy’s money advantage (Stile)


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