How I really feel about sentencing Bridget Kelly & Bill Baroni

So here’s how I really feel about today’s sentencing of Bridget Kelly and Bill Baroni.

It makes me sad that Bill Baroni, a smart and well-educated man, who stood up as a partner on marriage equality against most of the Republicans he served with, threw away what should have been a fine public career.

I am sad that Bridget Kelly got mixed up with this group and was publicly humiliated by that sexist “Christie whitewash” known as the Mastro report and for which the taxpayers spent more than $11 million.

I am mad that so many others who were players in this cabal went on to find great jobs in the White House or on the bench right here in New Jersey, never to take responsibility for their individual parts.

Of course it is maddening and frustrating that the Governor never took responsibility for his creating the atmosphere that allowed such nastiness to flourish – Remember “The constituency of one”.

I think David Samson’s house arrest should have been in New Jersey rather than his North Carolina estate. And so should his community service have been for NJ residents.

I think the residents of New Jersey also deserved to know if any public officials were on that secret unindicted co-conspirator list.

So I know “life is not fair” and neither is the judicial system “always fair”. There were lots of bad endings and many loose ends here. Let’s see how the book and/or the movie turns out.


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