Frank Pallone announces Town Hall – and talks ACA, Jeff Sessions, women’s rights, Trump’s plans to cut EPA’s budget and build military (Video)

“I want to thank you for joining me on Facebook this afternoon. We had a bit of a delay because the Republicans put forth a repeal and replacement bill for the Affordable Care Act but wouldn’t show it to the Democrats. So I was running around the Capitol insisting they give us a copy of it since we might go to marking up the bill next week. But we still haven’t found it. We’ll just continue the effort.”     – Pallone, on Facebook Live, about an hour ago

UPDATE: Here’s more about the wild goose chase members of Congress were put through Thursday. It’s nuts. 

On Facebook Live this afternoon, Pallone weighs in – on ACA, on Jeff Sessions (calling for a Special Prosecutor to investigate), on Trump plans to beef up the military at the expense of the EPA and more. Special focus today on looming (but untransparent) Republican plans to kill off the ACA:

“Every indication, all the bills and drafts we’ve seen would appear to end up dropping most of the people who were additionally covered under the ACA, and eliminating the essential benefits package – which means people might be able to buy an insurance policy but it might not cover hospitalization or might not cover your doctors’ visits, or it might not cover certain procedures, it would be very skeletal.” 

And he talks about his guest in the House gallery for Trump’s speech, NJPP’s John Whiten, who’s concerned about his 4-year old son Michael, who has Type 1 diabetes, a pre-existing condition that might not be covered under whatever sorcery the Republicans are planning (if in fact any planning has gone into it). He also announces a town hall meeting, after a Twitter poll where people said they preferred a weekend:

Rep. Frank Pallone Town Hall Meeting
Sunday, March 26 (4-5:30pm)
Highland Park Senior/Youth Center (220 S. Sixth Ave)
More info/RSVP for CD:06 constituents

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