Weekend News Roundup & Open Thread for Feb. 18-19, 2017

Norma “Roe”

Norma McCorvey has died and is remembered by both sides of the abortion rights equation; by proponents of choice as “Roe” in Roe v. Wade, and by abortion opponents because she joined their ranks 14 years after her role in the Supreme Court case. She was 69.

White House Apprentice

Boss Norcross, longtime pals with Trump, is a member at Mar-a-Lago. Trump’s been there 3 straight weekends and that’s cost taxpayers $10 million just for that – plus the high costs of protecting Melania living in NYC, and protecting his  two sons jetting around the world for “business.”

It will surprise nobody sensible that Trump has been lying about his college accomplishments.

New York Times had an entirely different way than the UPenn students to dispatch DJT: President Trump, White House Apprentice.

At one of Trump’s other spreads, his club in Bedminster NJ, leaked tape shows him inviting guests to “come along” during cabinet interviews.

How are you spending Presidents Day? Some people are protesting Trump in ‘Not My President’ rallies.

Going local

Philly mayor Jim Kenney, irked that Christie called Phillies fans “angry, awful people” and dissed their stadium, called Christie a “loser” with “no place to go.” That sentiment is easy to agree with, however now Christie is telling staff he’s taking a White House job, so maybe he does have somewhere to go.

Moran: Trump stirs fierce blowback in NJ and GOP congressmen hide. Moran rates them on courage, giving Leonard Lance highest grade. But trust me, it’s not all good in NJ:07: Anger, frustration over Congressman Lance’s upcoming town hallsIn NJ:03, citizens request face-to-face meeting with Congressman MacArthur. Related: Want to get your congressman’s attention? Some advice.

Pro-Trump Rep. Leonard Lance has 2 town halls this week. Carl Zeitz makes the case why you should be there.

Drugs and immigration: Blame Trump, but blame Christie less.

See which NJ lawmakers most often sided with their party.

Stile on how Trump has turned ‘soft’ Democrats into activated people. Will this have an impact on “can’t lose” insider Phil Murphy to consider that “can’t lose” insider Hillary Clinton lost? Particularly since Murphy was a huge NJ fundraiser for Hillary? And is any of this enough of an opportunity for John Wisniewski?

NJ Guv race: A “referendum on Trump and Christie.

Along the hotly disputed Pinelands pipeline’s path, hopes, fears, and doubts.

Why is the FBI questioning Syrian refugees in Newark?

NJ bail system just went through a massive change on who stays locked up. Is it working?

Trenton Times editorial: Stop the hostility towards NJ’s transgender community.

7 reasons why NJ’s property taxes are highest in the U.S. again.

This is fun, but somebody at Star-Ledger needs a geography lesson. Their piece, The Most Famous Person from each of NJ’s 21 Counties thinks Clifton NJ (Vera Farmiga’s from there) is in Hunterdon County, but it’s way far far away in Passaic. Guess that means there’s nobody famous from Hunterdon?

Make America Bankrupt Again

Money to burn? The TRUMP sign from the Taj is up on eBay.
Photo above: Michael Ein

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  1. marshwren

    Re: Guv’s race: i can easily see Democrats losing with Murphy, repeating every mistake with him that they made with Clinton: establishment insider, Goldman-$ucks, billionaire, Clinton donor and super-delegate; buying the loyalty of NJDC functionaires, unions, Dem pols, the press, etc; and running against more things (Trump, Christie) than for things. The only one, plausible idea he has is public banking, but that shouldn’t be too hard to get from his competition.
    And speaking of which, from a progressive/socialist “left” perspective, Wisnieski would seem to be the default setting for those of us voting the primary–which sets up the specter of Clinton-Sanders II, Garden State edition, especially the more competitive the Wiz becomes. And that’s if Murphy wins. If not, it’s the 2013 race all over again, with the NJDC establishment doing to Wisniewski what they did to Buono.
    I wouldn’t mind being wrong once in a while with my analyses, but i took the precaution of acquiring two Seth Kaper-Dale lawn signs (GP) ready for planting on June 6th.


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