News Roundup & Open Thread for Friday, Feb. 24, 2017

Democrats to DNC meeting, Republicans to CPAC

State Democratic Chair John Currie’s in Atlanta before the DNC Chair vote, stumping for Tom Perez. the Clinton Democrats’ top pick, who recently admitted the DNC rigged the primary for Clinton, then backpedaled off that admission. In case you need it, here’s a cheat sheet to the candidates. Vote is Saturday.

At CPAC, the usual level of sulphur spiked yesterday with Steve Bannon that the “deconstruction of the administrative state” has begun, whatever that means. Kellyanne Conway batted away the many accounts of her own incompetence and message problems. VP Pence said Trump’s victory has given conservatives “the most important time in the history of our movement.” Pres. Trump speaks at CPAC this morning.

This will make your morning, I promise: 10-second video of Reince Priebus freaking a little after Steve Bannon grabs his thigh at CPAC.

White House Apprentice

Water Protectors

16806903_1218613401579116_8160218573731986471_n-1487868384-2631Town Halls

Chris Christie, still technically a thing

Because you made it all the way to Friday

      • But sadly, Millie Dresselhaus, the Queen of Carbon, is not. First woman to secure a full professorship at M.I.T. (1968), and tireless advocate for the women who followed her. And the star of a TV commercial, asking, What if we treated great female scientists like they were stars? Just watch and wish:

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