Meet the District 7 Assembly Candidates

With the retirement of Senator Diane Allen, it’s just about a sure thing that Assemblyman Troy Singleton will be moving to the upper chamber. That leaves one open Assembly seat, assuming Dr. Herb Conaway runs for re-election.

Two women have announced their candidacy for the Democratic line. One, a political veteran, and the other an enthusiastic newcomer.

Carol Murphy of Mount Laurel has been a staffer for Assemblywoman Gabriela Mosuquera and knows her way around the halls of Trenton. Jennifer Chuang of Mooorestown is a pediatrician and has been energized to run by recent events. Both women spoke at today’s meeting of Action Together Burlington County. Dr. Conaway will be invited to make his case at next month’s meeting.

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  1. deciminyan (Post author)

    Follow the candidates on their Twitter account:

    Jennifer Chuang @jenchuang_md
    Carol Murphy @carolmurphyNJ

  2. ken bank

    It’s not too early for someone to step up and declare themselves ready to run against TMac. A credible candidate can put the pressure on TMac to be more responsive to his constituents. Jim Keady is already getting started in the 4th district, though I don’t believe he has a snowball’s chance in hell of beating the AFL-CIO endorsed Chris Smith.

    1. deciminyan (Post author)

      It’s not that straightforward. To be credible, the candidate must be vetted by DCCC. That should not be a big problem for a viable candidate. But then, there’s the Norcross machine…..


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