“Bridgegate in the Pinelands”

This Friday at 9:30 AM, the Pinelands Commission will meet in the ballroom at the Crowne Plaza hotel in Cherry Hill. Why is the meeting a quite a distance from the Pinelands and in such a large venue? Because the number of people who showed up at the last meeting overflowed the social hall of a church in the Pinelands and hundreds had to wait outside in the cold and rain.

Only in a dystopian Trump/Christie world would such a meeting have a vote on a high-pressure natural gas pipeline take place before public comments are heard. Nevertheless, hundreds are expected on Friday to protest what will most likely be the last nail in the coffin of New Jersey’s pristine pinelands.

This afternoon, dozens of environmental activists attended a rally on the steps of the State House, right outside of the office of the governor who stacked the Pinelands Commission with pro-pollution representatives so as to reverse an earlier decision to disapprove the pipeline.

Below are some of the remarks from this state’s environmental leaders. Try to attend Friday’s meetings. There are busses from all over Central and South Jersey going to Cherry Hill.

In the video:
Jeff Tittel – NJ Sierra Club
Jaclyn Rhodes – Pinelands Preservation Alliance
Dave Pringle – Clean Water Action
Doug O’Malley – Environment New Jersey

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