Bridgegate case against Chris Christie can proceed

A few minutes ago in a Judge Roy McGeady’s Hackensack courtroom, probable cause that Gov. Chris Christie committed official misconduct was established. The second time this has happened in a New Jersey courtroom. With the judge’s announcement, applause broke out in the courtroom. This means that Bergen activist, and now gubernatorial candidate, Bill Brennan’s complaint that accuses the governor of failing to stop subordinates from purposely creating traffic jams to punish Fort Lee’s Democratic mayor for refusing to endorse him, can go forward. Significantly, the judge cited testimony from now-convicted Christie operatives Bill Baroni and Bridget Anne Kelly, before ruling there was probable cause to believe the governor knew the lane closures on the George Washington Bridge that caused days of dangerous traffic snarls were more than the fictional “traffic study” Baroni insisted they were.

Gov. Christie is called to appear at the next hearing, March 10th at 1:30 pm, on the criminal summons.

Artwork above by driftglass. 

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  1. Willam Greene

    Dawn of justice, perhaps.

  2. Linda O'Brien



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