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This morning, if your Twitter account is set to catch “New York Trends” (Twitter still doesn’t have “New Jersey Trends”) the cite “Corey Booker” (sic) has been moving up from the bottom of the list all morning, and just hit the top. I don’t think the Senator, with his 2.12 million Twitter followers, minds if people who don’t know him as well as we do misspell him, if it means they’re talking about him. And why shouldn’t they be?

Yesterday’s testimony by Sen. Booker was, in addition to attention-getting, honorable. For those who haven’t been tracking, Booker testified yesterday against Jeff Sessions’ in his confirmation hearing for U.S. Attorney General, the first time in Senate history a sitting Senator testified against a colleague in a Cabinet confirmation hearing. Booker said he didn’t take that lightly (and he met with Sessions first). Testifying, Booker reviewed Sessions’ record-  opposition to bipartisan criminal justice reform (a signature issue of Booker’s), efforts early in his career to deny citizens voting rights, criticism of the Voting Rights Act, and his failure to defend the civil rights of women, minorities and LGBT people, and his opposition to immigration reform. [Read Booker’s testimony as prepared, here].

What Booker did yesterday was a bold move, and given that he’s on everybody’s shortlist for NEXT (but was passed over by Hillary Clinton), this raises his stock for 2020. But if political calculation figured in, it doesn’t mean it was not also the right thing to do. It was. And not just Booker; members of the Congressional Black Caucus including Bonnie Watson Coleman came to watch, as Booker gave testimony alongside congressmen Cedric Richmond (CBC Chair) and John Lewis, whose own civil rights history makes him one of the most credible sources on the Hill to point out a racist. All 3 were scheduled so late, most Republicans had cleared out, a sign of disrespect Richmond likened to being sent to the back of the bus.

I was really entertained this morning when a Twitter account I don’t follow tweeted that “Cory Booker” was the Lin-Manuel Miranda of politicians. Apparently that was meant as a dis, as I found out when I retweeted it – a dis to both Booker and Miranda. OK then. We’ll just let Booker’s U.S. Senate seat and Miranda’s Pulitzer duke it out with that person’s Twitter account, that’s an even match. By the way, Princeton’s Toni Morrison was also trending earlier – bookworm Barack Obama reading her is one reason why


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