TODAY 4:30-7pm – Vigils at GOP Congressional Offices to Save Our Healthcare

Republicans in Congress are now moving to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Right now. And despite more than half a decade of their complaints, they have never bothered to devise anything to replace the system in place now for that same half a decade. Analysis by the Congressional Budget Office which is non-partisan and provides economic information to Congress (so of course Trump ally Newt Gingrich want to kill it) paints a grim picture:

“The number of people who are uninsured would increase by 18 million in the first new plan year following enactment of the bill,” the report said. “Later, after the elimination of the ACA’s expansion of Medicaid eligibility and of subsidies for insurance purchased through the ACA marketplaces, that number would increase to 27 million, and then to 32 million in 2026.”

Or put a better way, today at NJ Citizen Action’s press conference:

“Repealing the ACA isn’t draining the swamp. It’s busing in alligators and throwing our most vulnerable in with them.”

So, starting tonight outside of the district offices of Republican congressmen, people will be gathering to hold vigil and make their objections known. Congressmen Leonard Lance, Rodney Frelinghuysen, Frank LoBiondo, Tom MacArthur and Chris Smith need to hear from us.

WHEN: Today, Wednesday – 4:30-7pm
WHERE: Morristown (Frelinghuysen), Westfield and Flemington (Lance), Mays Landing (LoBiondo), Marlton and Toms River (MacArthur), and Freehold (Smith).




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  1. ken bank

    I’ve already sent an email to my Congressman, Tom MacArthur, thanking him for his vote against repeal. I urge others in my district to do the same. As to the others, my suggestion would be to designate a specific date for constituents to flood congressional offices with snail mail, which I believe makes a better impression than emails or petitions.

    1. deciminyan

      Actually, phone calls are the best way to get your point across. And don’t be surprised if you leave a message and then get a return call from TMac directly. He did this with me, even though he knows I’m not a supporter. He gets credit for that bit of good constituent relations.

  2. Marie Corfield

    Many thanks to NJ Citizens Action for holding the event at Rep Leonard Lance’s offices in Westfield and Flemington. I was at the Flemington event today where about 50 protesters got into his office (he wasn’t there) and peacefully demanded appointments with him. We then gathered outside his office for a candlelight vigil and testimony about how repeal of the ACA would affect everyone. Vigils will be held every Wednesday 4:30-7 at Lance’s Flemington office, 361 Rt.31 So. Hope to see many more people there next week.


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