Senator Allen to Retire

Matt Friedman is reporting that Senator Diane Allen will be retiring due to health reasons. Allen is a rare breed – a moderate Republican who occasionally refuses to toe the Christie line. She is popular in Burlington County and has been a fierce advocate for women’s rights.

Speculation has begun on who will replace her. On the Democratic side, the seat is Troy SIngleton’s if he wants it. I suspect that on the GOP side, we’ll be hearing from Moorestown Mayor Victoria Napolitano.

We wish Senator Allen the best of luck and positive outcomes as she leaves behind a legacy of service.

UPDATE: Jared Kushner’s news outlet reports that Singleton has thrown his hat into the ring. This leaves an Assembly seat open, which could easily fall into GOP hands.

(Photo: Senator Allen nominating Aimee Belgard to become a Superior Court judge)

Diane Allen (L) and Aimee Belgard

Diane Allen (L) and Aimee Belgard


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