RESIST: I’m just amazed.

When I first saw this photograph yesterday, I let it pass without digging in – because I assumed it was photoshopped. It isn’t.

Greenpeace did this. And it’s such a balls-out protest, I can hardly believe it really happened. In the pre-dawn hours of the early morning yesterday, trained climbers began scaling a 300-foot crane that was already there. And at the top, they chained themselves in and occupied it, hanging a vast banner – 70×35 feet  – with the single word: RESIST.

I would never do this. I’m not this intrepid, this dauntless, this willing to trespass. I dwell in a different sector of organizing; of writing, persuading, lobbying, meetings. But damn, this represents me too. Thank you, climbers. Thank you, Greenpeace – and all you New Jerseyans who contribute so that Greenpeace has resources. We flooded D.C. last weekend – and LA and Trenton and Chicago and New York and Asbury Park and everywhere – in our pink hats by the hundreds of thousands, and left President Trump “visibly enraged” watching the news coverage. I don’t know if he looked out the windows in the residence Wednesday morning the 9 hours the banner directly challenging him hung in his view, but he must know by now. He won’t show it, but I think he’s scared.

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  1. Tom C

    We should all stop using the title president for this jerk.

    He shall forever be known just as Trump. After all, that is how he refers to himself.


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