Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things

By all accounts, today is an extraordinary day. With millions of people around the world speaking out against the Trump Universe, we are hearing from women and men, politicians, and celebrities call for a renewed effort to move our nation back on a path that corresponds with true American values.

South Jersey residents were among the people participating in the main Washington march as well as in Philadelphia, Trenton, New York, and London. And there was one gathering just a long driver shot from Donald Trump’s Pine Hill Golf Course in South Jersey. Several hundred people gathered in the Sicklerville area of Gloucester Township to show solidarity with those American values and express concern in the direction in which this nation is heading.

Two extraordinary things stood out to me as I attended this rally. First was the organizer. Twenty-two-year-old Amber Clemments from Marlton is a rookie organizer, motivated, enthusiastic, and did a fantastic job. Originally scheduled for a venue in Mount Laurel, the headcount quickly exceeded that park’s capacity and was moved to Sicklerville at the last minute.

Unlike many of the other simultaneous events, there were no politicians or entertainers speaking today. Just people concerned for the future of our country. Some were angry. Some were shocked. All were concerned.

Here’s a video of Amber speaking about and at the events. Later, I’ll post the remarks of some of the other speakers.

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  1. Vergi Viacava

    I am so grateful to our young and beautiful Amber for organizing this rally.
    How invigorating, empowering , nurturing was to be among good souls, with common values and principles .
    When we are genuine , respectful, and open our hearts some magical happens.LOVE that touches all .
    Thank you to each one of you….

  2. Cindy Turco

    What a great day! Amber was a wonderful speaker. Can’t wait for the next event.

  3. Louise Sands

    Thank you very much for putting this all together!! Let our voices be heard!!! Great Job Amber!!!


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