Now is the time to take a deep breath.

Last night’s farewell address delivered by President Obama was a capstone on his career in many respects. He talked about the economy, equal rights, his time in the White House, his family, and his colleagues.

Yet, the most important part of his remarks, lasting a bit over a minute, received short shrift in the press. His call to action to combat climate change is one that should resonate with all Americans – rich or poor, minorities or white Christians, liberal or conservative – it doesn’t matter. We are all fragile creatures on the one Earth that we inherited from our ancestors and bequeath to our descendants.

We already have a Congress that is infested with climate change deniers and we are about to have a mindless president who will go along with them. Climate action will require proactive cooperation among nations but we are about to have a Secretary of State who led a corporation that for years proactively denied the impact of its despoiling of our air and water.

Perhaps we should have seen this. After all, in retrospect Chris Christie has turned out to be a Donald Trump-lite, taking actions that benefit himself and his cronies, regardless of the impact on ordinary citizens. Christie’s dismal environmental record is just a forerunner of what this nation will face for the next four years.

As you listen to President Obama’s remarks in the video extract below, ask yourself the question, “Are we giving our grandchildren the good green Earth that our grandparents bequeathed to us? Or are we giving them insurmountable challenges just to maintain the basic needs to survive?”

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