ICYMI: Chris Christie’s State of the State & Democratic Response

In an hour or so, Matt will have a report on an alternative view – a more comprehensive and progressive view – of New Jersey’s possibilities for the next year as outlined by Better Choices for New Jersey, an alliance of forward-thinking groups Blue Jersey supports.

Meanwhile, in case you missed it, here’s Gov. Christie’s State of the State, as covered by NJTV. We thank them for the embeddable video. NJTV made their feed from the Statehouse available to NJ.com (where I watched it) Bergen Record, Asbury Park Press and Press of AC, all of whom embedded it on their site. One thing I didn’t realize, until my chat today with Exec Producer Phil Alongi, is that the State of the State was also broadcast on NJTV on cable. I missed that, because the guide showed only their regular daytime programming for the kiddie set. Turns out the cable companies require long lead time to update the regular guide, and the governor’s office didn’t provide much lead time. NJTV broadcast the speech on cable, you just couldn’t tell from the guide. Good on NJTV.

Most of the speech focused on “the crisis of drug addiction,” which has become a personal issue to the governor whose own life has been touched by the loss of a friend who fought those battles. That is, he says, his priority for the year – the “Christie Plan.” Fun fact: Christie’s speech was 11 pages single-spaced, 8 of them on that single issue.

Below, via NJTV, Christie’s speech, followed by the Democratic response by both Assembly and then Senate leadership:

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