Happening Thursday: Trump in Philly, can you get there to protect the ACA?

This isn’t New Jersey, but it’s Philly, where a lot of us work (or can get to). And it’s where President Trump is going to be Thursday, joining the middle day of a 3-day Republican retreat to plot how to end the Affordable Care Act. Look what happened when we showed up by the millions on Saturday; we seriously put him off his game. Not enough, but a beginning. Tomorrow, action shifts to health care, and if you can show up, it would be great.

Bring your pink hats. Women’s reproductive rights – high on their hit list.

PHILLY RALLY on January 26th, 11am ET @ Thomas Paine Plaza–PLEASE JOIN US!

Trump and the Republicans are meeting in Philly on Thursday the 26th to discuss their plans and figure our their repeal strategy. Health Care for America NOW! (HCAN) partners in the state are already mobilizing an event to send an important message to the Republicans: Don’t Take Our Health Care. Partners from the Center for Popular Democracy, PICO, People’s Action, SEIU, UFCW and Pennsylvania’s healthcare coalition PHAN are working together on a massive event and they need our help.

For GPS, Address of Thomas Paine Plaza is 1401 John F Kennedy Blvd, Philadelphia, PA. (Road closure info).

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