CD5 Dem Josh Gottheimer standing up for choice today

This is CD5’s fresh new Dem congressman, Josh Gottheimer, speaking out for women’s reproductive rights on the House floor today – against HR-7, GOP-designed to make abortion more difficult for women to obtain. YES, sometimes we’re going to take issue with Gottheimer’s votes. YES, a ‘moderate’ Dem of Clintonesque background may frustrate his more progressive constituents. BUT remember: Scott Garrett used to occupy this seat, stroll those halls of Congress, cast his vote with the most backward crap his party could dream up.

So. THIS is my Zen for today, a moderate Dem standing up for women against the assaults of a Republican House with nothing in its way but all of us. Today, he’s with us, defending the principles of Roe v. Wade, which is older than he is, and still under attack. He only won by 14,897 votes – 4.4%. He’s #1 on the GOP hit-list.  I won’t say you shouldn’t speak out when you’re disappointed in a vote (you know that). But it’s crucial he also feel the love on areas that resonate with us.

So go get his back. Follow Gottheimer on Twitter. And Facebook. And share this video:

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  1. Bertin Lefkovic

    If I had to guess, Josh is probably going to get creamed in 2018 by Holly Schepisi, so instead of using the failed John Adler playbook, he should try to be the most progressive congressperson that district has ever seen, raise a ton of money from progressive individuals and organizations, and then use that money to take on Bob Menendez for his Senate seat instead of running for re-election.

    Assuming for a moment that Menendez even survives his current legal problems, he is probably going to be challenged by Donald Norcross in 2018, giving a progressive alternative a much better chance of beating both of them.

    The worst case scenario for Gottheimer is that he loses to Menendez or Norcross in 2018 and takes another crack at CD5 in 2020 when he has a much better chance to win. If he wins in 2020, they will most likely redistrict CD5 to make it easier for him to retain going forward.


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