Top Ten Political Predictions that will NOT happen in 2017

  1. Governor Christie resigns early in order to become Executive Director of Planned Parenthood
  1. Senator Menendez accepts Donald Trump’s appointment as Ambassador to Cuba.
  1. A Democrat is elected to a county-wide office in Burlington County.
  1. Someone other than Phil Murphy is elected as New Jersey’s next governor. (In reality, Murphy announces his bid for re-election in 2021 in order to lock out any primary challengers).
  1. The citizens of Atlantic City elect their own leaders.
  1. The contract for the renovation of the State House is awarded by fair and open bidding to the most qualified companies.
  1. Donald Trump’s first Supreme Court appointment is a gay Muslim disabled woman.
  1. New Jersey’s state workers pensions are fully funded.
  1. Governor Christie’s long-awaited book makes it to the top ten on the New York Times Best Seller List – under “fiction.”
  1. Donald Trump utters a coherent English sentence.

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