Second Day Story: WFAN’s Carton Whitewashes Trump’s Inspiration of Racist Hate Crime

Yesterday we noted that a CBS report on a burglary that included racist and hate-speech written on Giants’ running back Nikita Whitclock’s home showed that TRUMP was written on the wall, but made no comment about either that particular graffiti or the rise in racist incidents since Trump won the nomination and the presidency.

Yesterday Giants wide receiver and NJ native Victor Cruz was asked about it by the Daily News’ Pat Leonard, and Cruz responded that this kind of thing is a result of the rhetoric coming from the Trump camp and the people who support him:

“I think there’s a specific mindset that comes with supporting a guy like Donald Trump and supporting what he stands for, and there’s a certain type of person that comes with that, and I’m not sure that person is always a positive-minded person.”

Interestingly, just like the CBS video and written reports, Leonard’s article in today’s Daily News didn’t mention that the name “Trump” was scrawled on Whitlock’s walls alongside “KKK”, “Go Back to Africa” and other hate speech. It is clearly germane to the topic. We don’t know whether Cruz talked to Whitlock or saw the graffiti, but he obviously has some knowledge of it, but the report doesn’t give us any idea why Cruz asserts that Trump has some culpability.

Now this morning when WFAN talking head Craig Carton – late of Jersey Guys on NJ101.5 – came on the air today he decided to attack Cruz for his response. Carton called Cruz’s statement “absolutely stupid” and “moronic”, and threw out the straw man that blaming the “people running the country” made no sense since Barack Obama is the President. Audio is below, but here’s an outtake transcript:

Victor Cruz claiming that the break in and the spray paint stuff inside the apartment is a direct result of Donald Trump being elected president and the “Trump mindset” on America is also an absolute joke. For him to say, “I think it’s definitely a direct reflection of how this country’s being run and how this country’s reacting maybe to some of the decisions, some of the ways that this country’s being run …” Well, memo to Victor Cruz: Donald Trump’s not running the country just yet.

Carton goes on to throw out more straw men, that Cruz thinks that racism and burglaries just started with Trump’s election (Cruz never said anything like that), and that Cruz thinks Trump is running the country. The rant continues for more than five minutes, and ignores the visual evidence that the criminals here were inspired by Donald Trump (Cruz doesn’t think that). Carton attacks a reasonable, calm and considered response from Cruz to a question by a reporter with straw men, insults and belittling.

Despite being abjectly wrong on the facts of the matter.

This is the problem with the media today when it comes to stories like this.

  • A responsible report from CBS leaves out an important part of the story, that the racist burglars left evidence that they were at least followers of Trump and at worst inspired by him. Thousands of viewers miss the connection to the “Trump mindset” because the reporter doesn’t make it in the television or Internet reports despite the video editor presenting clear evidence.
  • A responsible article the next day from the Daily News quotes a well-known African American celebrity referencing the Trump connection to the violent hate-crime, but also leave out the evidence that the “Trump mindset” was evident in the graffiti itself. Now the connection has left the realm of objective truth with video evidence and become opinion of a football player.
  • And then a big mouth opinion maker with the largest morning drive ratings (and a national TV simulcast in 99 million homes) in the largest city in the country who doesn’t do any original reporting, doesn’t do any research, doesn’t do anything beyond reading the article is ignorant of the connection because the “responsible” media didn’t present it. His tens to hundreds of thousands of listeners now think the connection — backed with video evidence — is “an absolute joke” and “moronic.”

This despite the picture of Nikita Whitlock in his home standing next to the name “TRUMP” scrawled on his wall next to “KKK” and “Go Back to Africa”.

The Media Hides Trump's Responsibility for Right Wing Hate

Here’s the audio from WFAN this morning:

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