POTUS-elect who starred in The Apprentice picks Texas ex-governor last seen on Dancing With The Stars to head Energy Dept. Oops.

In one of the Republican presidential debates in the 2012 cycle, this was Texas governor Rick Perry, trying to remember the third federal agency he pledged to kill if elected president. Looked like this:

That third? It was the federal Department of Energy, Perry admitted later. Donald Trump just picked Perry to run that. The irony just doesn’t slow down at the Trump Tower.

As the Times points out, Obamas two Energy secretaries were physicists, Ernesto Moniz of MIT and Steven Chu of Stanford. Chu has a Nobel Prize. It’s a stretch to see Perry’s degree in animal science as relevant, or his stint as governor of Texas, which we know from George Bush’s day is a part-time job.

Like Trump’s EPA choice Scott Pruitt, Perry’s a climate-change denier. Hell, even Bush’s EPA chief, fellow Republican and New Jersey homegirl Christie Todd Whitman objected to that, calling Pruitt “disdainful of the agency and the science behind what the agency does.” Yeah, but that’s Perry, too. Even if you skate past the obvious impression that Perry’s an unprepared lightweight, or the fact that he’s all Texas drill baby drill, the responsibility the goofy Perry would have for nukes is … terrifying. Here’s how the Times describes the work over at Energy:

Despite its name, the Energy Department plays the leading role in designing nuclear weapons, thwarting their proliferation, and ensuring the safety and reliability of the nation’s aging nuclear arsenal through a constellation of laboratories considered the crown jewels of government science.

We’re screwed.

Here’s Rick Perry, stiff-legging it through the Paso Doble. Guy in the sequined pants; he’s gonna help Donal Trump Make America Great Again™.

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