Weekend News Roundup & Open Thread for Nov. 12-13, 2016

Super-duper Supermoon (which wants to auto-correct to Superman): Monday morning at 6:15am, the moon will be closer to Earth than any time since 1948 and not again till 2034. It will look strangely bigger and shine 30% more light than usual. Yay for perigee!


14980778_10154005654456179_171732286570441751_nAlmost Half of the Country Didn’t. Even. Vote. This screenshot from MSNBC.

Newt Gingrich wants a new House Un-American Activities Committee not going after commies this time, but to identify and weed out American ISIS adherents and sympathizers. What could possibly go wrong? 

Bernie’s empire strikes back: In state after state, supporters of the Vermont senator’s presidential bid are challenging the Democratic establishment for party control.

Trump’s immigration crackdown likely to start quickly.

Howard Dean leaves role with the progressive group he started: Howard Dean is leaving Democracy for America (DFA), the progressive group he founded, as he gears up for another run for DNC chair. 

Amid all the hand-wringing, some advice from Bernie Sanders: Where the Democrats Go From Here.

Trump makes his first governing decision, demoting Chris Christie as head of his transition teamDustin Racioppi reminds us this is not the first time Christie’s been counted out.

Corey Lewandowski resigns from CNN effective immediately after a visit to Trump Tower.

Ledger editorial: Trump should dump Steve Bannon.

Anti-Trump demonstrations continue across U.S. This was Collingswood.

Republicans are making their move in Camden County, using social media to try and equalize against the power of the Norcross Dem machine.

Guadagno: If Mr. Christie goes to Washington, his replacement is readyIf that happens, who would step into the LG role?

Al Doblin: Donald Trump’s presidency is not the end of it allA hopeful attitude too, from former congressman Steve Rothman.

The 25 ‘Trumpiest’ towns in New Jersey. I live right by one of them. Oh joy.

Tiny houses for combat veterans who need them. There was a ribbon cutting at a once-abandoned South Jersey campground, as the first in a little community of houses is made ready for homeless veterans who need mental-health services, peer counseling, and job search assistance, but can now get all of that and be off the streets.

Who put Trump over the top? Exit polls say it was these folks.

Another American Legion post is closing, its membership dwindling. But before it goes, members are making the conscious effort to give back to the community that has embraced them and supported their efforts for decades, to donate its money back to that community. 

Tom Moran anticipates Trump will do his worst damage  to the environment. Deciminyan has some suggestions how to fight back – beyond voting.

Loretta Weinberg, now calling for Christie’s impeachment, also now wants the FBI’s records and notes from its private conversations with him.

Best. Springsteen. Sighting. Ever.

Phil Murphy: I’ll end Atlantic City takeover if elected NJ governor.

Ledger editorial: Marijuana legalization is on NJ’s horizon.

Bridget Kelly & Bill Baroni want a new trial.

Lawmakers offer a viable plan to get the lead out of NJ schools, by the coordinator of Healthy Schools now, the Trenton teachers union, and the environmentalist who runs Environment NJ.


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