Taxpayers get new legal bills to defend Chris Christie

Chris Christie is:

(a) at 19% approval rating
(b)  implicated in Bridgegate testimony by his own close associates, as having abused the power of his office in a federal trial that convicted two of his top appointees, with a third pleading guilty
(c) innocent, though, according to the “investigation” he commissioned (taxpayer expense), which denies the plot was politically motivated to avenge him
(d) not even in NJ most of the time (including today)
(e) all of the above

And we’re still paying his legal bills – $11.3 million dollars and rising. With new ones still coming from a brand new firm retained to combat (at your expense) the official misconduct criminal case lodged by Bergen County activist Bill Brennan. He contends Gov. Christie is not the innocent the (taxpayer-funded, self-exonerating) Mastro Report portrays but in fact knew what was being done to commuters on his behalf and did nothing, just as David Wildstein, Christie’s  “eyes and ears at Port Authority” has testified in the trial that just convicted Bill Baroni and Bridget Kelly.


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