Swamp creatures

Quick question: How do you drain the swamp using the same creatures from the swamp? Asking for a friend.




Hat/tip Nick Carmen for the question. 




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  1. huntsu

    Well, to stick with the metaphor, swamps do a lot of wonderful things and have many wonderful creatures. They are not really great places for humans to build a house and raise a family or create a community, but if you want to get food there are deer and fish and berries and grains. If you want to build a house there are trees and peat for the roof. If you want to escape while being chased for a murder you did not commit and find the one arm man, a swamp is vital.

    The swamp sucks, but Keith Ellison is in the swamp. So is Bonnie Watson Coleman. And Al Franken. And, on the outskirts (or maybe under the water in the peat) we are part of the swamp.

  2. Rosi Efthim (Post author)

    That’s our huntsu, always looking for the positive. 😉


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