New Jersey hits record 10th credit downgrade under Chris Christie

This is like a game of limbo – limbo from Hell. How low can we go?

Screen Shot 2016-11-14 at 3.22.56 PMQ: How low can Christie go?
A: He’s at 19% approval rating in New Jersey. My cat could do better than that.

Q: How many credit downgrades can one governor have?
A: Turns out that number is 10 – so far. His 9th was already a record. Aaaand so was his 8th.

“For seven long years, Governor Christie has consistently chosen the path of economic instability – from cutting the Transportation Tax fund, to giving tax breaks to dead millionaires, to breaking his own law by refusing to fund the pension.  So, while maddening, sadly it is not shocking that New Jersey is suffering a record-breaking 10th credit downgrade on Christie’s watch.”      – Hetty Rosenstein, NJ CWA State Director

No, it’s not shocking at all. But seriously, isn’t this a beautiful cat?


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  1. JKWilson

    Re: the article about Christie’s 19% approval rating: The dark, ominous photo of Christie and Bridget Kelly on the boardwalk in Seaside Heights as NJ burns behind them says it all – it’s the quintessential portrayal of his tenure as governor.

  2. marshwren

    Perhaps Blue Jersey can start a betting pool for the happy and glorious day when Christie stops being a ward of (and cancer on) the Garden State: which number will be higher he leaves office–his approval rating, or his number of downgrades. I have a nickel that isn’t wooden riding on the downgrades.


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