Keith Ellison wants to be DNC Chair. And so does Howard Dean.

220px-HowardDeanDNC-croppedBernie Sanders just endorsed Rep. Keith Ellison today. And Howard Dean, who revolutionized the DNC with his 50 State Strategy during his term running the party (2005-2009) wants that chairmanship back. In recent years, Dean has become a lobbyist, and was a vocal advocate for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. This could get complicated. The good news is that anybody still wants to run the DNC.

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  1. huntsu

    I vote for Dean, only because Ellison is going to have his hands full in the House. I love Ellison, but he has a job and Dean has time on his hands.

  2. Hopeful

    Bring back Dean!

    Dean was an excellent DNC chair. I saw at the DNC meetings that his efforts in the “red states” really were appreciated. The Obama people blundered in driving him off and emphasizing their fake grassroots organization, and then neglecting the red states and rural vote.

  3. Erik Preuss

    I would be happy with either. Whoever the next chair is, they need to break the mold of the corporate democrat that we’ve seen become so prevalent in our party. We also need someone who will focus on appealing to millenials and the Bernie people rather than just treating them as “crazy leftists.” The 50 state strategy is huge, but more importantly is creatkng and executing a platform that the entire party can embrace.

  4. Bertin Lefkovic

    I love the idea of Ellison as DNC Chair, but when I think about how critical it is to be able to win state legislatures in 2020 so that the House can be redistricted back into some degree of competitiveness, I cannot help but think that Dean’s experience and track record makes him better suited for the task at hand.

  5. regnig

    Dean crossed the line into being a corporate democrat in the healthcare industry and has gone back on his support for single payer. Best to update qualifications before coattail riding.

  6. Rosi Efthim (Post author)

    I like both, but I want to hear what their plans are, and how they answer pointed questions about those plans, and their strengths and weaknesses. And I want to hear from both a post-Mortem on the 2016 race.

    I’m leaning Ellison. Hard. He is not tainted by the Clinton campaign and its special snowflake relationship with the DNC. Dean acted as her surrogate, and I don’t want him back at DNC unless I feel comfortable that he isn’t the establishment’s attempts to stay neocon, top-down or corrupt. I think Howard Dean is an enormously capable strategist and organizer. Fifty State Strategy is dead-on. But I think Dean is our past, too close to what corrupted the party and I think we would benefit with a person of color in the lead.

    1. marshwren

      In that case, Ellison can hire Dean to run the 50 state strategy, while Ellison controls the issues and messaging. There, problem solved.
      OTOH, if Dean gets his old chair back, as far as i’m concerned the DNC/DSCC/DCCC/DGA can kiss their hopes for an ’18 mid-term comeback goodbye: like Clinton, Dean may have a winning strategy, but also like Clinton, he’d be saddling every Democrat on the ballot with the same losing issues Clinton had.


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