Hmm. What do we make of this?

Via Politico,

Politico and its polling partner Morning Consult did a poll of early voters and an early morning exit poll, and found that more voters than in previous presidential elections say they’re looking for a strong leader. Donald Trump made that somewhat flattering characterization of himself a central focus of his campaign and there’s little denying that many of his voters are attracted to his authoritarian presentation of himself. Asked what characteristic is more important for the next president to have, 36% of voters replied “strong leader,” with 29% “a vision for the future” and 16%  each for “shares my values” and “cares about people like me” coming behind.

That’s about twice the percentage of voters polled in 2012 who said that “strong leader” was their number one priority in a president.

Another finding of the Politico/Morning Consult poll: Few voters are expressing ‘joy and pride’ as this election staggers to a finish. And 85% of voters say they “just want it to be over,” while 72% are “anxious” and 71% are “nervous.”

Sounds about right. What do you make of those “strong leader” numbers, Blue Jersey?



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  1. Dvd Avins

    The only takeaway from this is Republican voters choose that as what they like about their candidate.

    It’s possible that there’s some small change in the electorate making such an pitch more (or less) appealing. But the effect of voters reaching for some convenient perceived positive attribute of their candidate would swamp any such change, making the data we have meaningless.

  2. Rob Benjamin

    It’s not surprising. Going back to even before the American Revolution, but certainly picking up steam in the Age of Jackson, a very large percentage of Americans have always been attracted more to “strongman” government than to participatory democracy. That’s the Borderer influence in our culture, the appeal of the biggest, baddest, toughest, “born fightinist” dude in the tribe to be the natural leader.


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