With Trump’s Help, We’re Gonna Have to #TakeThe5th

As the House Majority Super PAC makes a big, $1.5 million push in North Jersey to oust Republican Congressman Scott Garrett in the 5th District and replace him with former Bill Clinton speechwriter and Democrat Josh Gottheimer, Garrett continues to help Gottheimer’s cause. This week, despite FIveThirtyEight’s assertion that New Jersey is blue no matter who votes, Garrett remains supportive of Donald Trump.

And it’s not helping Garrett, who has fallen behind in the polls as we head into the final three weeks of the campaign.

I’m a Democrat — the full column kind, so I’m not really into giving Republicans advice, but if you’re a Republican in New Jersey, you know, the vintage kind, you’re gonna be a Republican but you’re not gonna be vocal about Trump. You’re gonna do what you’re gonna do in the voting booth, but you’re gonna be smart, ‘kay? No one’s gonna wanna hear about your support of Trump.

Except 5th District constituents? Garrett seems to think so. After calling on Trump to step aside last week, the Englewood Republican is back on board. The New York Times today did a survey piece seeing if any Republicans who publicly repudiated Trump last week were still repudiatin’.

Representative Scott Garrett of New Jersey, who is facing re-election next month, said last weekend that Mr. Trump should step aside, but his campaign clarified that he would vote for him anyway.

“He has always believed that Hillary Clinton is not the candidate whose leadership and policies are right for America,” Sarah Neibart, Mr. Garrett’s campaign manager, said. “Donald Trump remains the nominee of the Republican Party, and Representative Garrett has always said he will vote for the Republican Party nominee.”

It’s not a full-throated endorsement, but it’s certainly a far cry from Garrett’s censure last week:

“I believe that Mike Pence would be the best nominee for the Republican Party to defeat Hillary Clinton.”

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