Christie Was With Trump When Video Surfaced, Considered Withdrawing Support

Chris Christie took another break from his day job as Governor of New Jersey to substitute as co-host WFAN’s Boomer and Carton morning show to discuss baseball, football and how disgusted he was by Donald Trump. Christie had been silent on the hot mic “revelation” thar Trump is even more disgusting in private when discussing women than he is in public, but agreed to speak to Carton for a few minutes about it.

And we actually learned a couple things.  For one, Christie was with Trump when the Washington Post called to say they were running a story about the video.

Carton: Do you think the apology was enough?

Christie: I didn’t think it was, on Friday or Saturday and I told him that.  I would have done it much differently, but I do think he’s sorry and I do think he’s embarrassed by it, no question about it.  I was there when he found about it, and there’s no question he’s sorry about it.

Christie also noted that his support for the Donald wavered, and he did consider withdrawing it.

Carton: A lot of Republican politicians have shown a lack of support and have said they won’t support his run for president, including your Lt. Governor, Kim Guadagno. How about you?

Christie: I’m still supporting Donald. Obviously I was disappointed by what happened and disappointed in some respects by the response initially but I’m still supporting him.

Carton: Has it wavered at all?

Christie: Well, you certainly have to think about it. I’ve known him for a long time and I’m really upset by what I heard, but in the end this campaign is about bigger issues than that and at this time I still support him. But certainly you take some time to think about that when you’re going through it.At this time, I’m still supporting Donald.

The telling part there is the “At this time …” line, indicating that Christie’s support is not unequivocal. Carton later asked if Christie knew of any other tapes out there, and Christie indicated that Trump had suggested there was more.  Together, this makes me wonder if there isn’t something out there that might end Christie’s support.

My question is, why did Christie waver now, and how is it that the straw hasn’t broken the camel’s back by now?  This is a man who accused a female reporter of attacking him because she had “blood coming out of her wherever”, mocked a disabled reporter in front of a crowd of thousands and knowing he was on video, insulted a POW and decorated soldier who died in battle, and far, far, more. A video of Trump being disgusting is nothing new.

What could possibly come out now that would change anything?

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