Remembering Paul Wellstone. Everyday

Paul and Sheila Wellstone died 14 years ago today. Wellstone always reminds us, in one way or another, to keep our eye on the prize: “Politics isn’t about big money or power games; it’s about the improvement of people’s lives.”

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  1. Rosi Efthim

    Thank you for posting this, Matt. That plane crash day was one of the darkest days in politics.

    Paul Wellstone is one of the reasons I felt called to support Bernie Sanders. They were friends, and few people in Congress were braver. And Sanders’ campaign borrowed so much from the Wellstone tradition – his unvarnished fight for working class people, but also his vote against the Iraq War – and the risk both of them took to make that vote. And also this, quoting Bernie about Wellstone (part of Bernie’s floor speech in your video above):

    “But he understood that the way you can win elections is by rallying ordinary people at the grass roots level. And perhaps that achievement from the political perspective will be what he will most be remembered for.”

    He talks about Wellstone bringing so many people together who had not been involved in the political process, “to stand up under a progressive program for economic justice and a world of peace.” And how Wellstone understood real change is bottom up.That succeeding politically is not about just going to the wealthy & powerful and begging for more and more campaign contributions. That was Wellstone. And it’s Bernie all over. And it’s what Hillary Clinton can neither understand nor replicate. I’m voting for her, because that’s what’s left me. Much as I wish the Green Party well – and even hope they reach the 5% threshold which would bring 2020 federal funds, which I doubt they will – President is not an entry level job. And Jill Stein is not prepared. Hillary Clinton is prepared, and will require the input and scrutiny of progressives holding her accountable to do the job she’s capable of. If she’s really as good as her proponents say, she will welcome that and deliver. Paul and Sheila Wellstone would expect nothing less of us if they’d survived. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren expect nothing less of us now. My 2 cents.

    Bernie Sanders full floor speech on the 5th anniversary of the Wellstones’ deaths.

  2. Rosi Efthim

    And just for fun, because this is still shown in political science classes as how you do a great ad that captures your candidate but without spending big bucks, this is Fast Faced Paul (by the great Bill Hillman at North Woods Advertising):


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