Quote of the Day: Bridgegate Closing Arguments Edition

The Colossus of GWB. Who wouldn’t want to put their lives on the line to carry out his petty little political retributions?

In his closing argument today in the Bridgegate trial, Assistant U.S. Attorney Lee Cortes described defendants Bill Baroni and Bridget Kelly as having “shared an intense commitment to the political success of Governor Chris Christie,” key players who were well aware the lane closures were punitive and that the “traffic study” story was a premeditated fiction used by both defendants and key witness David Wildstein. A cover-up story.

Speaking of Baroni and Kelly, Cortes said:

“They saw themselves as his loyal lieutenants who were free to use their government jobs to launch political attacks.”

Kelly and Baroni’s attorneys maintain Wildstein duped both, convincing them the fictional “traffic study,” which Baroni claimed was real when he was called to explain the traffic jam that took up most of a work week in 2013. This morning, Baroni’s attorney tried for a mistrial based on an issue with the time-stamp on emails used as evidence in court – one hour off because of a failure to take Daylight Savings Time into account. The mistrial was denied, with U.S. Judge Susan Wigenton saying an instruction read to the jury could easily correct that.

Christie on the bridge: Image by driftglass

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