NJ5: Smelling blood in the water, Working Families Party targets Scott Garrett

“Garrett’s always been in Wall Street’s pocket, now he’s helping big banks reach into yours.”

Working Families Party, which is a national mission but allied with local groups like New Jersey Working Families, is putting $125k behind a media buy in CD5 where Dem Josh Gottheimer is well-positioned to finally – I’m saying finally – wrest that district from the tea party clutches of Rep. Scott Garrett. Garrett tried – too late – to distance himself from Donald Trump. But it’s less the Trump cooties that are putting Garrett in damage-control mode than the weight of his own bad policy decisions, over years. His refusal to help his own party raise funds for Republicans – because some of them might be gay – kicked off, well let’s just say this has finally been the Hell Year for Scott Garrett that he truly deserves.

Item: Credible people like Senate Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg are flagging his homophobic stance for his contributors, drying up funding.
Item: It’s not just Blue Jersey and other progressives & Dems calling him a bigot. It’s kinda everybody now.  He’s the Notorious Tea Party mad-hatter.
Item: Gottheimer raises more money than any other New Jersey candidate for the U.S. House  – ever.
Item: Gottheimer pulls ahead in the polls.
Item: House Majority PAC (Dems) target CD5 big time, as Garrett struggles with his position on Trump.
Item: Garrett cozies up to an official in Oath Keepers, called a “domestic terrorist threat” by NJ’s Office of Homeland Security & Preparedness.
Item: Headlines like this one: “Scott Garrett can really lose this thing”

In fact, Scott Garrett has hardly met a nutbird he won’t hang with or an issue he won’t stand on the wrong side of. For WFP, which does a lot of work looking out for the economic quality of life for ordinary people, the big issue is Scott Garrett’s service to Wall Street at the expense of Main Street. Their new ad takes Garrett to task for a recent vote on a bill in the Financial Services Committee (HR 5983, co-sponsored by Garrett), which would roll back financial regulations on big banks and weaken the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (shout-to its mama Elizabeth Warren!), which uncovered the recent consumer fraud at Wells Fargo. The ads (which also target GOP congressmen in AR & WI) are part of a national effort targeting members of Congress who chose to side with Wall Street over working and middle class constituents. Ladies, you’re up for quotes:

“No other representative is so incredibly out of step and touch with his constituents than Scott Garrett. He has been content to thwart and offend all, from women to 9/11 survivors as well as hard working New Jerseyans exploited by big banks. The Working Families organization is glad to do our part to retire him from his obstructionist roll in Washington.”   – – – Analilia Mejia, New Jersey Working Families

“Time after time, Scott Garrett has put the interests of monied Wall Street campaign contributors before those of his constituents. After the worst recession since the Great Depression, when thousands of his constituents lost their jobs, lost their homes, and fell into debt, Scott Garrett voted to rein in financial regulators and protect predatory pay day lenders. He’s looking out for his campaign coffers, not the families in his district. It’s time for real leadership in CD5 – Scott Garrett and his shady Wall Street connections have got to go.”  – – – Phyllis Salome-Kaye, NJ Citizen Action

AMEN to you, Sister Analilia and AMEN to you Sister Phyllis. Here’s the ad (and below it, more on HR 5983):


Scott Garrett recently voted for the so-called Financial Choice Act (HR 5983) in the House Financial Services Committee, which includes many of the worst legislative ideas put forward by Wall Street lobbyists since the financial crisis of 2008. It makes structural changes that would gut the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s mandate to protect the public from abuses by Wall Street banks and bypredatory lenders. The agency was created by Congress in 2010 after the economic meltdown.

If enacted HR 5983 (called the CHOICE act) would:

  • Gut the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which was established by Congress in 2010 to protect the public from abuses by Wall Street banks and by predatory lenders.

  • Weaken effective oversight of the financial sector and to fairness for consumers, investors, members of the public, and businesses.

  • Limit the agency’s ability to stop the abuses of payday and car-title lenders and the financial industry’s use of forced arbitration clauses that strip consumers of their right to band together against systematic wrongdoing.

  • Block the implementation of new Department of Labor rules to protect retirement savers against conflicted investment “advice” that costs American families some $17 billion a year.

  • Override a Dodd-Frank provision limiting the ability of the big banks and credit-card giants to over-charge merchants on card transactions.

  • Repeal the Volcker rule, a key provision of Dodd-Frank that tells banks they can’t make risky bets for their own profit with depositor funds.

  • Destroy the effectiveness of the new Financial Stability Oversight Council by cutting its funding, eliminating its authority over shadow banks, and more than doubling the number of its voting members.

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  1. Rosi Efthim (Post author)

    By the way … Shout-out too, to all our North Jersey friends who have been on Scott Garrett’s oppo-watch for years, some of whom have been Blue Jersey writers.

    Gonna link to the now-defunct site RETIRE GARRETT, because you folks toiled alone for years, long before DCCC sniffed any opportunity here. And you people are DUE. Y’all know who you are. Wishing you a kick-ass Nov. 8.


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