News Roundup & Open Thread for Thursday, Oct. 13, 2016

New York Times: New Jersey Transit: A Cautionary Tale of Neglect.

Clinton v. Trump

Courtesy of Patient Peter Rosenfeld. Photo:

Courtesy of Patient Peter Rosenfeld. Photo:

Now available in New Jersey: Cherry or grape cannabis lozenges.

Lay your money down: Atlantic City & New York casino operators have spent $11 million fighting North Jersey gaming gambling.

CD5: Garrett ad brings back old allegations against Gottheimer: New Garrett TV ad accuses opponent Gottheimer of assaulting and intimidating a neighbor – civil claims she later withdrew

CD7: Somerset Dem Chair Peg Schaffer said Peter Jacob, a Bernie Sanders Democrat challenging Leonard Lance in CD7, could still stand to have better odds if resources from the DCCC and state Democratic leaders devote more resources to the race.

Is Chris Christie even still a thing? 

2017 Comes Early

Monmouth Freeholder candidate Sue Fulton calls on opponent Freeholder Serena DiMaso to pay back illegal family health benefits she got from the county government she oversees in violation of county policy that disallowed her from accessing those benefits. This follows an investigation by APP. 

Photo: APP

Photo: APP

Really, Keyport? You’re on the Jersey Shore. Sailboat? Waves? Keyport HS school board votes 6-4 to retain their logo, despite a 1994 grad arguing the image was offensive and insensitive. But Keyport folks who felt the name instilled a sense of pride won out. 

Come on people, get it together



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  1. 12mileseastofTrenton

    Judge signs probably cause criminal summons against Christie in the Bridgegate matter. Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office must now decide whether to seek an indictment.


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