Not NJ: I Guess She’s Not A Goldwater Girl Anymore

Goldwater Girl Daisy Ad

Back in 1964 Lyndon Johnson/ Barry Goldwater presidential campaign the Democrats ran the famously quiet but brutal Daisy ad against Barry Goldwater, questioning his sanity and his fitness to have his finger on the button that could launch a nuclear war.

Back in that campaign, a 17 year old Park Ridge, Illinois girl named Hillary Rodham volunteered in a Barry Goldwater campaign office. She once said she was proud to have been a Goldwater Girl, though soon after her volunteer stint she abandoned the Republican Party and conservative politics to protest for civil rights and against the Vietnam War.

Well, the conversion is now complete as the 2016 Democratic campaign for president dropped this updated version of the Daisy ad, Silo, but now Hillary Rodham is Hillary Clinton and the Democratic candidate dropping the ad against the Republican Donald Trump. And it’s every bit as devastatingly brutal as the original.

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