Hate To Say We Told You So … Oh, No We Don’t!

Back when Chris Christie was considered a super hero — including being compared to Spider Man (not kidding!) — there was one place where he was massively unpopular: BlueJersey.com.

We laid out the facts about Christie’s time as US Attorney and his abuse of power dropping subpoenas on Bob Menendez weeks before an election that amounted to nothing, using his office to slam state Senators for using the power of their offices legally, and somehow not getting fired despite being on a list of US Attorneys scheduled to get tossed. And lots of other stuff.

Now, a decade later, the people of New Jersey have come around. Only twenty one percent of New Jerseyans, according to an FDU poll, approve of Christie and a whopping 43 percent think he should resign. Wow.

All we can say is, glad you finally got here.

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