Gasland filmmaker Josh Fox for CD7 challenger Peter Jacob

Filmmaker Josh Fox with CD7 Democratic Nominee Peter Jacob
Wednesday, October 5th – 7- 9 pm
The Imperia (1714 Easton Ave, Somerset)
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FYI – Blue Jersey’s Q&A with Peter Jacob

Peter Jacob has an uphill campaign in Central Jersey’s CD7, including an entrenched incumbent Republican Rep. Leonard Lance who has shifted far right with the red winds and who typically makes himself available for debates only a few people will hear. So it’s kind of a big deal when an upstart challenging somebody with incumbent advantages and plenty of money gets air support from somebody lending his name and efforts for the cause. Earlier this summer, one such endorsement came in – Peter became the only New Jersey candidate endorsed by Bernie Sanders’ new org, Our Revolution.

Tomorrow night, comes another. Filmmaker Josh Fox – who was himself a Democratic Convention delegate for Sanders – will be speaking in Somerset to help Peter raise money. Fox is best known for a pair of documentaries, the multiple award-winning Gasland – the story of how he became an anti-fracking activist after his family was offered $100k to allow it on their land and he figured out they were lying about the danger fracking presents -and Gasland Part II on HBO. He’s one of the most visible opponents and educators about fracking and on climate change. His latest is How to Let Go of the World and Love All the Things Climate Can’t Change, an adventure through 12 countries which invites people to take a heated world so seriously they challenge even what they think is impossible.

Peter and Josh both agree that projects like the PennEast Pipeline and the Pilgrim Pipeline are incredibly dangerous. They will not only harm the environment, but also serve to further embolden the oil and gas industry to continue abusing the environment for their own profit and financial interests. Both men believe that it is time to put people over politics and get Congress to focus on the issues that really matter. Peter Jacob had the following to say:

“Josh Fox is an amazing film maker and is truly dedicated to progressive values that are also common sense policy. Fracking is a dangerous and unsustainable way of getting fuel and must be stopped as soon as possible. It is not only a danger to our environment, but also to people who live in any kind of proximity to the sites. We must invest in alternative energy sources and ban fracking at a federal level.”

A lot of progressive orgs are co-sponsoring, including PDA, NJ Democratic State Committee’s Progressive Caucus, RU Progressive, Bus for Progress, Force The Issue – NJ, and Union County Bern Unit.

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