“Fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can’t get fooled again.”- Dubya

Tom Moran, the voice behind the Star Ledger Editorial Board, just published a piece in favor of fracking. He claims that environmentalists are wrong to oppose this method of extracting natural gas as a source of energy.

Perhaps Mr. Moran is unaware that using natural gas is a factor in global climate change. Perhaps Mr. Moran is unaware that fracking has been linked to an increase in earthquakes in Oklahoma. Perhaps Mr. Moran is unaware that wastewater from fracking is a serious threat to our drinking water supply.

Fracking is not the answer to our energy problems. What Mr. Moran and others need to realize is that our insatiable lust for cheap energy needs to be met not by taking “cheap” energy from the ground now only to burden us with its ancillary costs in future generations. Mr. Moran’s call to fracking will result in costs for health care down the road, costs incurred by more intense storms, and costs in providing clean air and water to our people.

Mr. Moran is channeling the Trump/Christie approach of cheap energy now without considering the risks and costs in coming years. No surprise here, because Mr. Moran endorsed Chris Christie for re-election in 2013.

After that blunder, Mr. Moran had second thoughts and has realized his mistake. Perhaps he should do some more research before endorsing a process that will cause even more harm well after Christie is out of office.

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