Weekend News Roundup & Open Thread for Sept. 24-25, 2016

Impeachment talk as Bridgegate trial’s ends first week 

Raise your hand if you saw this coming. 

First presidential debate is Monday night.  

Justice Barry Albin has made a career of dissent. Seventy-seven dissents later, Albin’s rebel streak is as strong as ever. He even gave a speech last year about the importance of standing up to wrongheaded majorities everywhere. “There was a time when people thought the world was flat, and that slavery was a fine institution, and that women were inferior, and that gays should be shunned from society. Those beliefs were dominant in their time until courageous people … challenged long-held societal assumptions and prejudices.”

NJ’s poorest county seeks to avoid the loss of $168 million in school aid under Christie’s plan. 

Fight to allow North Jersey casino gambling isn’t over yet, developer says.

CD2: LoBiondo again looks for the union label.

Atlantic City has 10 days to avoid defaulting on state loan. 


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