CBS Repeatedly Broadcasts Flag Desecration, Declines Comment

Colin Kaepernick respectfully declining to stand for the national anthem to highlight the issues facing African Americans in the United States.

Over the past few weeks there have been a lot of conversations about how our national anthem and flag should be treated thanks to football player Colin Kaepernick’s decision to kneel during the national anthem before NFL football games.  Kaepernick and other professional athletes are engaging in this protest to highlight how minorities are treated in the United States, and in particular how they are seen as suspect and dangerous even when engaged in peaceful and lawful behavior.

For the temerity to use the rights guaranteed by the United States Constitution, the right to free speech and protest, he has been vilified on many fronts.  In most cases he is accused of disrespecting the flag.  For silently and respectfully making his point like as you can see below, he has been vilified, had his religion and nationality questioned, and accused of being unAmerican and hating our police and military.
kaepernick2Yet on September 11, 2016, the 15th anniversary of the terror attacks on New York, Pennsylvania and Washington D.C. the national networks seem to have no problem with flag desecration by sports fans with no purpose other than to get on TV.  Not respectfully and silently protesting wrongs, but consciously desecrating the American flag at home with the logo of a sports franchise, driving or even flying long distances to a stadium where there are national media cameras, and waving it in the hopes for getting their blatant insult to our nation’s symbol of freedom broadcast to the entire country.

Desecrating the American Flag20160911_144355

In both screen shots above, CBS decided to highlight smiling, giddy flag desecrators as they went to commercial during the New York Jets home game against the Cincinnati Bengals on September 11.  The stadium where they played this game is less than 15 miles from the site of the most horrific attacks on 9.11, and both head coaches wore hats honoring the first responders who risk their own and saved the lives of others on that horrific day.

Yet Boomer Essiason, who has ripped Kaepernick on his daily WFAN “sports” show for utilizing his First Amendment rights, was silent during every game break and the entire half time show.  For Boomer and other “patriotic” Americans speaking the truth and seeking redress is considered hateful and unAmerican, while mindless desecration of the symbols of our right to speak the truth and seek redress is shown to millions without comment.

But Colin Kaepernick and those he inspired respectfully making his feelings known about serious problems faced by millions of Americans is considered disrespecting the American flag and potentially belittling the losses of 9/11.

And these radical lunatics who happily display their desecrated flags in the shadow of the destroyed Twin Towers are given national highlights as the height of American manhood.

And not one announcer during the game, not one talking head — and most notedly Essiason — during the game breaks, not one panelist noted the massive hypocrisy and astonishingly unAmerican aspect to all of this.

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  1. CreedPogue

    and you wonder why those of us on the left are attacked as being out of touch and elitist?

    Intent is a major factor for desecration. Burning a torn or old flag is a standard method of disposal. Burning a perfectly fine flag as a “protest” is considered disrespectful by many.

    Failing to stand during the National Anthem is “protected” but less than wise because it only speaks to those who already agree. That appears to be enough to make Kaepernick’s jersey #1 in sales but is it actually going to accomplish anything positive?

    Thinking that you are going to charge sports fans with anything (especially since the Flag Code has no penalties in it) is even dumber that trying to charge drivers for eating after they go through a drive-through. Distracted driving is a problem but that isn’t going to help solve it.

    1. vmars (Post author)

      Oh, give me a bleeping break. This is not about being out of touch or elitist — it’s about the hypocrisy of the sports world (which I am a big fan of) with regards to “patriotism”. It’s about taking a flag that represents all of America and suggesting that any disrespect is an attack on police officers, fire fighters and military personnel. It is about the militarism of patriotism, and the appropriation of patriotism to power and away from the powerless. It is about dismissing the Freedom Riders and the other civil rights workers — of all races — who also risked their lives for our freedoms as if their sacrifices and deaths and pain and loss are not as important as that of military personnel.

      I have immediate family members who served in wartime and fought for civil rights, and to a one they are all more proud of their work to protect civil rights, to expand voting rights, and to battle to increase the freedoms enjoyed by Americans.

      It is considered an outrage to quietly and respectfully decline to stand for the national anthem, but to mindlessly and crudely destroy an American Flag is presented to the entire country as just good fun. The point is you cannot have it both way, regardless of intent. Hell, it’s better if the intent is to make positive change in the country than to appropriate the symbols of our country for no greater cause that self-aggrandizement and so to guys at work can say they saw you on TV.

      As for whether Kaepernick has accomplished anything other than shirt sales, of course he has. ESPN radio has spent hours defending his protest and his right to do so, and discussing the issues he’s highlighting. As an avid ESPN listener, I had never heard any discussion of BLM on ESPN before that except after Carmelo Anthony talked about it at the ESPYs.

      And you’re playing with straw men in your last paragraph. Nowhere in that post do you see any suggestion to “charge sports fans” or to change the law to make it illegal to desecrate a flag. And I don’t need you to condescendingly explain the flag code to me. I fly a flag on my home and have since I have had my own home, and I participate in Flag Day ceremonies destroying them at the American Legion when my flags get tattered.

      I know there’s no legal repercussion for flag desecration, and so does everyone else who has been through the past 40 years of “Flag Amendment” talk. That you think you need to explain that says a lot.

  2. CreedPogue

    This is part of the “fun” of dealing with anonymous people. All you know about them is what they are willing to say.

    YOU are the one who went off on CBS for broadcasting “flag desecration” without comment to attract clicks. Obviously, you weren’t fond of one of them. 🙂

    But, if you weren’t looking for them to be cited for violations of the Flag Code, then what exactly did you want to happen to those fans???

    “mindless and crudely destroy an American flag”??? If the cloth/plastic was never an actual American flag with the thirteen stripes and fifty stars on it in the first place, then how exactly did they “destroy” an American flag?

    I listen to ESPN a lot too and they have talked about BLM before particularly with Stephen A. Smith on First Take.

    YOU decided to take off after the fans and CBS but your accusation of hypocrisy on their part seems to have been mis-fired. “Condescendingly explaining” does seem to be something you do rather well.

    We talk about civility a fair amount on the blog but all too often it seems to be a one-way street.

    1. vmars (Post author)

      I often wonder if you are a parody account.

      1. CreedPogue

        Go ask Rosi, then you can apologize.


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