Time for another Hillary ad roundup

Time for another roundup of Hillary Clinton ads. We’re in safe, moderately blue New Jersey, so we’re not getting a lot of paid ad love. Nevertheless, the ads this campaign is producing are a window into message strategy as the campaign pulls tighter in the calendar and focuses on battleground states, where most of the ad dollars are going. Three new ads, again heavy on children and on what a rotten character Trump is:

  • “Children” – focuses on the history Clinton wants you to see on her prioritizing children. Ends with an unusual photo-montage and message approval.
  • “Mirrors” Again, the theme of children, with girls looking in the mirror as Trump reduces women to bodies for his approval.
  • “Sees” – Trump as a nasty guy again. And children again, in the form of a young woman talking about when she was 9 and seeing past her disability to see her as a person, in contrast to Trump making fun of a disabled man like a jackass schoolyard bully.

Below, all three new Clinton ads out this week:

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