Imagine being Kellyanne Conway, who has to scold Trump when he flaps his mouth about women

Pollster (and Hammonton native) Kellyanne Conway has the job of a lifetime. Not that many politicos get to run a presidential campaign. That’s top of the game stuff, and the list of women recruited to do it is smaller still. It’s a big deal. So I admit when Hillary Clinton  brought up Trump’s fat-shaming of former Miss Universe Alicia Machado at the tail end of the first Clinton-Trump debate, and Trump double-down afterward instead of owning it and apologizing, it never occurred to me to feel sorry for the woman who has to run his presidential campaign. But now I kind of do (quotes from Politico).

Because apparently, she’s the one who has to scold him for it …

“Did you reprimand him for that and say to him: ‘Listen, why are you saying women are fat? Why are you calling women fat pigs?’” Joy Behar asked Kellyanne Conway during her appearance on “The View.” “Did you say that to him? “Yes,” Conway said, adding that it’s “beside the point.”

And then try to equalize the stink he creates by pretending everybody else is just like him …

Asked how she feels about Trump’s comments toward women, Conway said, “Well, I don’t discuss people’s weights and their looks.” Instead, she suggested that viewers watching her interview were probably tweeting about her looks and intelligence as she spoke. “I never knew how ugly and how stupid I was until, you know, we had Twitter,” she said.

And try to make him out the good guy in the Miss Universe story …

After confirming that she reprimanded Trump for his comments, she said the real estate mogul told her that he gave Machado “a second chance.”

In the 15 months Donald Trump has been a presidential candidate, the rank political amateur has burned through two chiefs and is now on his third. First came Corey Lewandowski, a denizen of Americans for Prosperity and the world of the Koch brothers. Lewandowski was fired after making some bad headlines of his own, including grabbing a woman reporter as she approached to talk to Trump. Then came the Paul Manafort era. Manafort’s a much more traditional politico with 30 years of presidential politics under his belt. Manafort brought in Rick Wiley and Ken McKay, former campaign managers of a couple of America’s worst governors, Scott Walker and Chris Christie. And Lewandowski got demoted big-time (and we find out today, officially no longer getting severance pay). Last month, Trump brought in Steve Bannon, an executive for mighty righty Breitbart News. That was the signal Manafort was on his way out. Manafort had tried to institute some structure to the campaign and some campaign and message discipline in his candidate. Ultimately, you knew that effort had to fail, given Trump’s instinct to fly by the seat of his bespoke (but Vietnam-made) pants, particularly after the New York Times posted Inside the Failing Mission to Tame Donald Trump’s Tongueabout pretty much the same kind of problem Conway – Bannon’s pick – has to deal with now. A presidential candidate who doesn’t realize the White House isn’t an entry level job, but got here anyway by riling up the worst instincts in the American electorate. Like a boss. But now that he’s the nominee and has to face an old pro like Hillary Clinton – who prepares – some of Trump’s impulsive, mean word salad could get him in trouble.

He can’t count on Chris Christie to train him to act more mature, because Christie doesn’t know how to do that. So it falls to Kellyanne Conway. Of Hammonton. Lady’s got work to do.



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