Hillary’s new ad: “Only Way”

Here’s a new ad from Hillary Clinton, up last night. Like earlier successful ads, including ones using his own words against him with children and veterans listening, this ad focuses on the case against Donald Trump. Unlike much of her advertising, this one goes a little further. Trump gives Clinton plenty of ammunition to use against him; she has many egomaniacal statements to choose from. Here, she uses an important one. At the Republican Convention in Cleveland this summer, Trump painted a dystopian picture of America; shuttered factories and ruined communities, attacks on police, unprotected from terrorism, “poverty and violence at home” and “war and destruction abroad.” And then, to a roar of Republican approval, he boasted:

“I am your voice, I alone can fix itI will restore law and order.”

Quite a claim from somebody with zero experience tackling any of those things. Clinton presents herself as a different kind of solution, as someone who can help broker solutions working with both Democrats and Republicans – a considerably more believable claim, from someone who has actual experience in government and in whom the State Department was entrusted. The ad is a naked appeal to Republican disgusted and disillusioned by Trump, who see themselves as better Republicans than the standard-bearer of their party is. She’ll get some of them, too – and this ad may help. The claim is problematic if you look beyond November, though. The hatred for the Clintons runs deep and back decades; she will be demonized by them as president. But who cares about gridlock when the alternative is so unstable? I still believe Clinton has work to do to make the case that voters should trust her, elect her, and not only because Trump’s a train wreck. Most assuredly he is, but the reality is his voters don’t care and aren’t put off by his lack of the same governmental background Clinton touts. What do you think?

By the way, for my locals, the Hunterdon Dems campaign office is this Saturday 10am-noon at the law office at 200 Main Street in Flemington. Hunterdon Dems endorsed Hillary.

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  1. CreedPogue

    I keep forgetting who won in 2012??? I guess we should be very worried about how many Romney (or just not-Obama) supporters we can peel away!

    Despite the continuing efforts of “concern trolls” to move the goalposts and try to enable Putin’s strategy with useful idiots like the Greens and Trump, it seems rather likely that Hillary will win with a decent margin.

    In the real word for Trump to win, he would not only need to pull away Florida, Iowa and Ohio but another ten electoral votes. In the meantime, it is more likely that Hillary will win North Carolina.

    We should be focusing on retaining the Obama voters. There is a clean energy commercial that I am seeing that is from HFA. Maybe it is only in Philly?


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