Gannett: Pass the hot sauce – and the pink slips

“This is not merely a restructure, but a bold, ambitious vision to make North Jersey Media Group even more competitive in the metro New York City market.”                       – Richard Green, Editor & VP of Content, North Jersey Media Group, now acquired by Gannett

So that’s how the new overlords at The Record talk about what’s going on up at The Record, family-owned first directly then through the North Jersey Media Group, until it was bought by Gannett two months ago. Since then, some nervous times at The Record. Gannett has a history of decimating editorial departments, in fact laying off employees in all departments.

The GannettWorld shakeup affected daily newspaper readers in Cincinnati, too. The company transferred Green from his job as publisher of the Cincinnati Enquirer, to The Record, and they may not replace him with another publisher at all. Downsizing.

Already copy editors (usually the first to go in Gannett acquisitions) and production people got the first round of pink slips, and told to apply for other jobs in the company, as the last-minute look over of reporters’ work was going to be consolidated with another Gannett paper elsewhere. Those folks won’t know till next month if they have a job.

It’s got to be a weird atmosphere up there right now, as it was for some of my friends when this happened at the Courier News. But this is the weirdest thing I’ve heard in a while. I haven’t been able to get confirmation yet. NY Post is reporting that Richard Green, Gannett’s new VP, wants his employees to invite him to their barbecues. You know, to hang. And be monumentally uncomfortable. He’s offering to bring the wine.

But I think hard liquor might be required. Gannett’s going to lay off about half its employees. They won’t know who till November. You know, after barbecue season.

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